We Must Love Our Brother if We Say We Love God

“We have this commandment from Him: Whoever loves God must also love his brother.” 1 John 4:21⁣

Father, it’s so easy to say the words “I love you” without understanding the weight that those words carry. Love, the way Jesus modeled is sacrificial. It knows no prejudice, it is patient, understanding, and it is selfless. It doesn’t keep account of right and wrongs. It does not bring up past sins. It forgives without expecting to hear the words “I’m sorry”. Jesus lived this way. LORD, help us love without expectations. Help us love those who have used us, mistreated us, hurt us, rejected us, gossiped about us and even secretly desire our demise. Help us to love those who have attacked our character and identity. Your Word tells us not to repay evil with evil but to repay evil with good. You did it; therefore, we are commanded to walk in love with our brother if we say we love You. Jesus, this is a real challenge for so many who struggle with deep wounds inflicted by people they have loved and trusted. It isn’t easy but it is possible through You. Help us. Father, You are the Potter and we are the clay. Mold us and transform us. Create in us a clean heart and renew within us a steadfast spirit. Holy Spirit, continue to work in our hearts so that we would look more like Jesus each day. You alone are able. Lord, we thank You and we love You. ♥️

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