Love Triumphs

Love triumphs over hatred, over unforgiveness, over anger, over resentment, over bitterness and even over hurt. ⁣

Lord, help us love others (even those we consider to be unloveable according to our standards) just as Christ loves the church. As Christ loved the day He willingly laid His life down. Jesus loved those who spat on Him, mocked Him and beat Him. Help us love that way. Without expectation of being loved in return. Without the expectation of having others reciprocate what we do for them. Help us love selflessly. Give us the ability and strength to say as Jesus did, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” Your Word says that if we do not forgive us, Your Father in heaven cannot forgive us. Help us to forgive and bury the sins committed against us. Help us to see others who hurt us through eyes of compassion. Help us, Lord to love without limitations; with a sacrificial love that lays oneself down in a godly way. We love LORD, but only because You first loved us. Thank You for continuing to do a work in each of us. May we continue to stay moldeable and teachable so that we can look more like Jesus ever day and so that we can be a light in the midst of the darkness that surrounds us. We bless Your holy, precious and matchless name today, in Jesus name, amen.

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