God Takes What the Enemy Meant for Evil and He Turns it for Good

God, You are a holy, sovereign and just judge. You see when the enemy attacks those Who belong to You but You are not taken by surprise. Sometimes you allow painful situations so that You may be glorified. You also allow them to grow us and purify us. 

Just as gold must go through the refining process to remove the impurities it carries, You also allow us to go through the fire to remove all that is within us which does not please You. 

Ultimately, You take the very situations that the enemy meant to break and destroy us and You turn them around for our good. You hide those Who are Yours under the shadow of Your wings in safety and in You they find refuge. You are our hiding place in the midst of the storm. 

Though the enemy pushes us with violence, You strengthen us and equip us to fight back through prayer, worship and Your Word. He attacks, we fight back from a heavenly position. 

You are our Defender and You fight for us. You promise to grant that the enemies who rise up against us to be defeated before us and though they may come from one direction, You will cause them to flee before us in seven. 

God, the crushing is great but You will be glorified. God, the pain is deep, but You promised beauty for ashes. Lord, the aching reaches the depths but You promised peace that surpasses all understanding. 

So, in the mighty name of Jesus I declare that I will see the victory. In my situation but those who are experiencing a painful trial will also see the victory in theirs. 

Help us run the race with endurance and keep our eyes fixed on You. We love You, Lord. Be glorified. 

Get thee behind us satan because the fight is fixed and the battle is already won. We are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus.

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