Would You Rather….?

Eternity is real. Heaven and Hell both exist. We do not make it to heaven because we are good people. We only make it to heaven if we have repented and turned from our sins and placed our trust in Jesus Christ. He is the only way to heaven. He is the only way to the Father. Anyone who rejects Christ, the Son of God; will in turn be rejected by the Father.
Don’t be fooled by anyone pretending to follow Jesus yet living the same as before they accepted Christ as Lord. There are people in the church on their way to eternal separation from God. Their example isn’t one to follow. Don’t follow man, follow Jesus because He modeled how we should walk. The Bible says that wide is the road which leads to destruction and many will find it while narrow is the road which leads to righteousness and few will find it.
Please don’t take my word for it, ask God to reveal Himself to you. If you need prayer, please inbox me.
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