My Testimony of Healing

“But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed.” Isaiah 53:5

My prayer is that as you read my testimony below, God will fill you with a sense of hope knowing that He still heals in the name of His Son, Jesus.

In February I was diagnosed with a condition that could eventually lead to cancer. Uterine cancer to be exact. When I received the diagnosis, I called the disease by name in the doctor’s office and rebuked sickness in the name of Jesus. I told the doctor that very day that she would soon see the God I serve. My God is Jehovah Rophe, the God that heals. She looked at me as if I were crazy. One thing I did have was crazy faith. Faith to believe that just as the woman with the issue of blood was healed by simply touching the hem of Jesus’s garment (Matthew 9:20–22, Mark 5:25–34, Luke 8:43–48), then He could heal me for His glory.

But the truth remained that my flesh (my natural being) was nervous. This diagnosis came on the heels on having been notified I would be laid off as of March 1st. Because my insurance was expiring, I couldn’t have follow-up appointments and the other insurance I tried to sign up with, wouldn’t cover this issue since it was “pre-existing”.

Thoughts about the possibility of this condition getting worse before I could get coverage again  came to mind.As the thoughts would come, I would stand on God’s word for healing. People prayed over me, in agreement believing God for healing. The church I attended stood behind me in prayer for healing against any possible cancer in my body.

The doctor prescribed me a cream to help with this condition to lower the chances of developing cancer. Months into using this cream, I noticed a significant loss of hair. So much that whenever I detangled my long curly hair, I would lose two entire handfuls.

Sometime during the summer, I felt a strong sense to stop using the medication and I told God “Lord, I don’t know if this is You pressing upon my spirit to stop this cream or if this is my natural being afraid of losing more hair but in faith I’m going to stop taking this cream. I do not want doctors to credit medicine for what only You could do in my body. I believe YOU for healing so in faith, I’m stopping this medication.”

When I started my current job, I was blessed with insurance immediately so I was able to find a new doctor to seek out a second opinion. This new doctor tells me that I was given a diagnosis without a biopsy and that if cancer was present initially when prescribed the medication, then taking the medication just made the cancer worse. You can imagine the thoughts flooding my mind. Thoughts of dying even crossed my mind.

She requested I return right away for ultrasound testing and she was able to confirm some of the first doctor’s findings. She did a biopsy to check for present cancer and precancerous cells. The results were to come in the Thursday before Thanksgiving.

The Lord sent a woman of God to tell me before my biopsy to pray for the affected area. In obedience, I prayed. Prayed fervently and resolved in trusting God’s plan even if He allowed a diagnosis. I had already decided that if the findings would show I had cancer, I was not going to take chemotherapy. Some might consider that insane but I call it faith. Radical faith. Why? Because God is the same yesterday, today and forever and if He performed miracles then that were mind blowing, He could do it again. Surely my situation was not difficult for Him. He is God. Secondly, what many don’t know is that God healed me through prayer of this specific cancer 5 years ago – long before I received a diagnosis. So when this surfaced in February, I understood what was happening. While I didn’t understand why me, I knew that no matter what I would stand firm in faith believing He has healed me.

On Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I learned that the biopsy was benign. I cannot explain the JOY I felt that day! I was still waiting to learn if what I was diagnosed with, would have a 50% chance of developing cancer and if I would need surgery. So, for three weeks I’ve been waiting.

Today I spoke with my doctor and she told me that I do not have any signs of cancer, no signs of pre-cancer and no signs of the condition I was diagnosed with in February.

While I do have to follow-up with an outpatient surgical procedure next month, the possibility of cancer being present in my body has been ruled out. The original diagnosis was ruled out. The doctor said nothing that would indicate I had the condition was detected in my body. GOD HEALED ME!

I’m sharing this for one reason only. If God did it for me, He can do it for you. I BELIEVED GOD even when the worst possible scenario was considered. I was trusting God to remove every infirmity from my body. I was trusting that because of my faith, I would be made well.

There are so many accounts of the healings Jesus performed during His ministry where He healed the sick because of their faith. FAITH. Without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6).

I don’t know if you’re believing God for a miracle but I’d like to encourage you; please don’t stop. BELIEVE Who God says He is.

If we call out to Jehovah Rophe, He will respond as a Healer.

If you are in need of healing over your body, please don’t hesitate to message me. I would love to come in agreement with you in faith, believing God for healing. I would love to pray for you. Have a good night and know that God DOES heal!

“Faith doesn’t make sense. It makes miracles.” Dr. Tony Evans

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