Peace In The Unknown

“And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:7

Imagine you are having a baby and the doctor advises that abnormalities were found in one of the routine exams so further testing is required but the results telling you whether the baby is fine or has a condition that is going to change the course of your life and theirs, will come back in a week. So you have to…..wait. How do you feel?

Imagine working for a company any length of time and receiving notification that they’re going to begin laying off employees and your department isn’t exempt. You’re notified of the upcoming layoffs, but you’re told calls will be made personally to each employee within 2 weeks. So you have to…..wait. How do you feel?

Imagine learning that what seemed like just some discomfort raised concern for something greater, possibly something terminal. You go for a second opinion just to be sure because you just never know. The next doctor confirms what the first doctor found and strongly suggests biopsies/further testing to remove doubt and the results that will advise if you have a terminal disease, or if everything is fine will take one to two weeks to return.  So you have to…..wait. How do you feel?

Maybe your situation is not as extreme as one of the above but maybe God told you that you would start a ministry that would require an office space, yet the bank denied your loan and now you’re back to the beginning. So now you have to….wait. How do you feel?

Can you relate to any of the above scenarios? I can. Truth be told, I’m walking through something at this moment that would shake the ground under one’s feet.

I’ll propose the same question I asked myself. One that has caused me to forget logic, and trust the Lord. I have decided to stand firmly on what God has spoken into my life despite what the natural presents before me. I’ve chosen peace.

How about you, would you panic, or have peace and trust God?

I’ve learned that when we choose to trust God no matter the outcome, something powerful happens in the waiting. We’re filled with a peace that passes all understanding. The kind of peace that keeps you from breaking apart not knowing if you’ll be without a job, whether your baby will never have the chance to live a completely healthy life, whether you’ll ever get to begin the ministry God gave you, or if your medical results will change your life forever.

While listening to a sermon earlier today, a truth from God’s word was revealed to me. Acts 12 tells us that Peter, was taken to prison to be killed by King Herod and as he awaited what was coming to him – his death – he slept. Did you catch that? Peter slept even though he knew he was about to die. How could he sleep through that? His time hadn’t come, and he stood firm on the word Jesus prophesied over him when they were together confirming that he would grow to be old (John 21:18). Peter was not destined to die during that season of his life. After all, he was still preaching the gospel and he had only just begun. Acts 12 goes on to say that an angel of the Lord woke Peter and freed him from prison.

Again, Peter slept in prison while waiting to be killed. How? Because he had peace, believing the word the Lord had given him, reminding him the time had not yet come to die.

Is it safe to say that while doctors, banks, employers, etc. tell us one thing and even deliver news that is far from great, we can remain firm in the truth God has spoken and declared in our lives despite what we see?

We need to maintain our peace in God and an unshakeable faith that says:

  • The doctor said that the child in my womb might be sick, but God said my child will preach the gospel.
  • I’m about to lose my job but God told me that provision will come to my home.
  • The bank said “no” to my loan but God said I will have the space for my ministry.
  • The doctor says I may have a terminal illness, but God told me long before that I’ve been healed.

God does not change and as He performed miracles then, He performs them today, but we must be still and know that He is God (Psalm 46:10) and have faith because without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6).

We are to remain at peace, knowing that come what may, He is in absolute and complete control. Is it easy? No. Is it possible? Yes. How? Prayer and remaining in relationship with Jesus.

I’m praying that the God of peace and all comfort, fills you with an overwhelming sense of peace tonight and in the days to come.


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