You are Worth the Wait

This post is for the young lady reading this. Where do I begin? Fun fact: I love to smile. There is a story behind my smile. I remember a time when smiling didn’t come easy for me and when I did smile, it was to hide the pain, or at least attempt to. I was broken and while I tried to be strong in public and around family and friends, I felt like I was dying inside. I was in love with the idea of being in love but did not understand what love really meant.

Until I met Jesus, that is. He taught me about Agape love (unconditional love). That is the kind of love that kept Jesus Christ on the cross for you and for me. Agape love. That is the kind of love that caused the Heavenly Father to forsake His only begotten Son, knowing that it was necessary in order for Him to be able to once again have fellowship with mankind as He did before the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. Agape love. It’s the kind of love that allowed God to promise us a Helper, a Comforter, a Constant Friend; the Holy Spirit that leads and guides us to walk in righteousness. He lives today within those who have confessed Jesus as their Lord and as their Savior.

It wasn’t until I encountered Jesus that HE taught me about love. How to be loved by Him and how to wait for the one He has set apart to love me this side of heaven and to do life and ministry with until He calls us home or He returns. As a young lady, I didn’t understand what love was and by the time I was a young adult, I was broken and misunderstood, but God. His love rescued me, wiped away my tears, healed my broken heart, erased my past and made me whole. Now I am a lady in waiting for my Boaz (read the book of Ruth) because God gives His children good gifts therefore, this daughter of God will never again settle.

My prayer is that the young lady reading this will make a decision to love themselves. Honor your body, protect your purity. Hold tight to what is good and innocent and let your idea of love be molded by the One that hung on the cross over 2,000 years ago to demonstrate the ultimate sacrifice of what TRUE LOVE is.

TRUE love waits for you. Don’t settle.


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