Love The Process

Process: a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.

I love this season I’m in. Though it has been painful, I’ve cried many tears, been uncertain of things in my future; one thing has not changed. God’s faithfulness and sovereignty.

I’ve learned to seek God more intimately, trust God in the unknown, know and believe that He is a keeper of His Word and it never returns to Him void. I’ve learned that no matter what I will not bow or compromise. I’ve seen how He has made a way out of no way. I’ve learned humility; lowering myself and remembering this is bigger than me. I’ve learned to be faithful with the little and steward what God has given me.

I’ve learned to be still and wait on God for the miraculous; to smile before those who have gossiped about me, knowing their deception yet humbly blessing them in prayer remaining at peace because though I’m unable to see or hear what has been spoken against me; God sees, hears and reveals to me and I’m reminded that it is not me but my God they speak against for I am His daughter; hidden under the shadow of His wings where I find refuge.

I’m blessed abundantly because I have something many don’t have. Jesus, salvation, joy and peace. I know without a doubt that my God will never forsake me or my house. I rest at night, without stress, anxiety; or fear of the unknown because my God secured my tomorrow and future. Each breath I take is with ease because He is in complete control.

I’ve learned that God will use who He sees fit to bless you and He will do so abundantly. I’ve grown in discernment to know who’s real and who’s not and I’m thankful to know the difference and be able to love from a distance. I’ve grown. I’m stronger, wiser and I praise God because this process is a preparation to walk in the destiny God has for my life.

I don’t know if you’re in a process today but if you are, continue to trust Him, obey His commands, abide in Him because He promises to see you through.

Don’t curse your process. Love it!


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