Pray For Unity

“And if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” Mark 3:25

As I was praying this morning, the Lord began to show me division in families, in homes, in His church. Discord among family members, competition and feelings of superiority in homes as well as in the church. Family is important. The Body of Christ is God’s family and in His family there is division caused by difference in denominations, legalism, apostasy, heresy, false teachings. There is a great divide.

Then there are issues that are just as detrimental like gossip, presumption, abuse of authority, lies, murmuring, pride. All of this brings division; in families and in the church. While it is common, it is against God’s plan and it grieves His heart. As I prayed, I felt the burden on God’s heart. If there is one thing that God created in the very beginning that the enemy has been out to destroy since Genesis chapter 1, it’s family.

The family unit is so important and together can cause destruction to the kingdom of darkness but divided, it will fall apart. We as Christians, as followers of Christ, as soldiers enlisted in the army of God; we have the authority to pray against division and pray for unity. We can pray against discord and pray for peace. We can pray against lies, murmuring, gossip and deception and pray for truth. We have authority to pray for all things in the dark to be brought to the light because so long as these issues are kept in the hiding, God is unable to work in darkness.

We must expose these things in Jesus name so that families can be united, marriages can be restored, families can dwell in peace despite their difference in beliefs and views. The church should stand united against everything that is contrary to the Word of God.

This great divide is causing people to leave the church but we (the church) have the authority to change things. To walk in love, to not give ear to gossip, to stop assuming and seek truth, to silence lies, deception and assumption and seek the Holy Spirit that reveals all things. We can continue to preach truth in His Word and nothing else. Help me pray for unity today. In Jesus name. God bless.


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