“pray without ceasing,” I Thessalonians 5:17

Pray without stopping. That means for us to be in constant communication with the Lord through out the day and night. Just as we talk with family and friends via text, email, etc., even more so, we should be in communication with the Lord. Prayer is simply talking with God as we do with anyone else. You can be absolutely honest with Him; He already knows your every thought.

Do we pray about it as much as we talk about it? Can the person we speak to help the way the Lord can? Is He not the Friend that sticks closer than a brother? Is He not the Defender of the righteous? Is He not the Provider for those in need? Is He not the Healer of the sick? Is He not the One that fights for His children when the enemy rises against them? Is He not the One that makes a way out of no way? He is. Before we take our situations, problems, requests, desires and cares to people; may we always take it to the throne of God.

Father, I thank You for the reminder to pray without ceasing. You desire we be in constant communication with You because it’s a relationship. I pray tonight for those who don’t know how to take everything to You first but take it to others. May You help them take every thought, care, anxiety, concern, desire, need to You first because You are the Friend which sticks closer than a brother, You are One that can open doors no man can shut, You are the One that defends us against injustice, You are the One that can supply all our needs according to Your riches and glory through Christ Jesus. You alone can heal the heart, the body and silence the enemy. Help us remember that You’re always waiting to speak with us and fellowship with us. It is in that secret place, You reveal mysteries to us, heal us, give us peace, guide us, instruct us and answer petitions we’ve prayed according to our faith and Your will. It is in prayer we are strengthened for the battles we fight, for the trials we face and the enemies that rise up against us. May talking with You become just as natural as each breath we take in and out. In the mighty and precious name of Jesus, amen.


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