Jesus Is… The Hiding Place

“You are my Hiding Place and my Shield, I hope in Your Word.” Psalm 119:114

Jesus, the Hiding Place? What does that mean? For me, when there seems to be so many things going on, when my mind gets busy, when decisions need to be made, when life happens, when the storms around me rage; I can go to that secret place (my quiet time with the Lord) and hide in Him. I can bring all my cares, I can talk to Him about what I’m struggling with, what is heavy on my heart, my hope, my dreams, what burdens me and He listens. I can open the Bible and find peace through the word of God and through His Word, I find answers to questions I sometimes have. I can silence the chaos when it comes when I hide in Him. He’s my Safe Place, my Refuge. He is the One that keeps me together in the midst of trouble when it comes. In Jesus, I find peace, joy, faith, and assurance that I am not alone in my walk with Jesus and that it is never in vain. That though there may be a great deal I don’t yet understand, He is in control and He will teach me what I need to know in His time. I am safe in Him. Like a child hides in their tent, when playing “hide and seek”, I hide in my Jesus and He sustains me. He gives me rest and He holds me together. He is my Peace. My everything. Though things around may sometimes seem uncertain, He is where I hide to regain my strength and renew my hope.

Father, I thank You because You are my Hiding Place. I find peace in You and rest in the truth of Your Word but many don’t know how to. I pray that as they seek You, You will teach them how to make You their Hiding Place. Their Safe Haven. Their Refuge. I pray for peace tonight, for renewed hope and joy. Your Word says that the joy of the Lord is our strength. May they find strength in You through joy. May they find peace in Your Word. May they find rest in You tonight and every day to come. May they encounter You, Jesus so that You can become their Hiding Place as You are for me. In Jesus name, amen.


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