F A I T H is the substance of things hopes for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1.

Faith motivated Noah to build an ark in obedience to God though it had never rained (Genesis 6:9-24) Faith caused Abraham to harken to the voice of the Lord and leave his family in pursuit of the promise land (Genesis 12:1-9). Faith allowed Abraham to be willing to sacrifice his promised son in obedience to the Lord knowing and believing that God could and would provide for Himself a sacrifice (Genesis 22:1-19). Faith moved Moses to lead the people of Israel out of Egypt, crossing the Red Sea (Exodus 14). Faith gave David the strength and boldness he needed to stand before Goliath in defense of God’s people (1 Samuel 17). Faith motivated the three young Hebrew men to not bow believing that their God could save them the fire (Daniel 3). Faith allowed Esther to go before King Xerxes for her people in order to save them even if it meant her death (Esther 4).

Faith is what allows someone to accept the Jesus they’ve never physically seen as Lord of their lives, believing that He is the Son of God & that He alone is able to save them from this dying world.

Faith is what would cause praying parents to never cease crying out for their prodigal son or daughter.

Faith allows a person to move in action to a word spoken by the Lord though they do not see what is ahead.

Faith allows someone with a sickness to believe God is able to heal them; then see the healing come to pass.

Faith allows a married couple fight for their marriage while everyone around them is telling them to give up.

Faith keeps a parent praying for their suicidal child because they know God can and will deliver them according to His Word.

FAITH is what keeps a true believer; a keeper of His Word, a humble servant, disciple and follower of Jesus Christ, doing the will of the Father and waiting in expectancy for Him to one day return.

As you can see, faith is what moves the heart of God. It moves God to act on our behalf. After all, without faith, it is impossible to please God, for he who comes to God must believe that He exists and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him ~ Hebrews 11:6. TRUST HIM.


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