Happy Mother’s Day!

She is a vessel used to carry life. She is the very first one to hold that child within her, ensuring it’s safety. She puts aside her desires for her children. She is challenged to be better, love harder, go higher and never quit. She knows her children better than anyone, she cares about what matters to them, she loves without limits, she hurts when they hurt, she sacrifices and she would without question do it all over again each time. Just for her children. She is selfless, she is strong, courageous, bold and would stare danger in the face to protect them. She is wise, internally beautiful and knows so much more than she’s given credit for. Most importantly; she knows that motherhood is a gift. A gift from God, a great responsibility bestowed upon her. It is a duty, a privilege, an honor. She knows that one day she will give account for how she stewarded the children placed in her womb. She knows and understands in great depth that they are not her own, but that even their every breath comes from The One Who breathed life into them. She is aware she was chosen. As a vessel; a safe place for the very life created within her, brought into this world to make a difference and impact those around them. She carries life, purpose, a greater destiny and they’re privileged to call her mom. Happy Mother’s Day. You’re important not only today, but every single day. God bless you!


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