You Are Worth More Than You Know

You’re worth more than the value you’ve placed on yourself. Also remember that the value you place on yourself will help determine/influence the value others place on you. The only One that will ever value you as you should be valued, is The One that created you. Because He created you in His perfect image and He doesn’t make anything less than perfect. This can be seen in the Book of Genesis as He created the Heavens, earth and everything in it. The Bible says He looked and saw it was good. He didn’t continue on to next phase of creation until what He created was GOOD aka Perfect. Male or female – you were fearfully and wonderfully made as Psalm 139:14 declares. So re-evaluate the value you’ve placed on yourself if it doesn’t match what God’s Word says about you. Now is a good time to begin thinking highly of yourself. God does. Some of you may be wondering “How is that possible when I’ve done so many things wrong?” Because His love isn’t conditional on how good or bad we’ve been; God’s love is an unconditional, undying love and nothing can separate us from it (Romans 8:38-39). You don’t like the life you’re living? You have the power to change it and that change can begin today. Choose to live a life that will be a testimony of God’s love and faithfulness. He is a forgiving God and He makes all things new. God’s arms are not shortened that it cannot save(Isaiah 59:1). He sees you where you are and how you are and loves you just the same as He loves the one diligently seeking Him. Find peace in the fact that this is truth. Blessings.


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