Happy Birthday, Mom!

It was on June 1st, many years ago, God had a plan when He created my mother. He knew her before He formed her in my grandmother’s womb and I’m so thankful He did. He created her with a heart that loves without limits; a heart that is so delicate it’s seen its share of hurt throughout the years. She gives of herself to help others. God created my mother with a true servant heart. As we should all be.

It is because of my mom, I have learned to be a strong and independent woman; a mother. She taught my sister and I to never give up, to always press on and to always stay strong. We were a small family of 3 (my sister, mom and I) and though we had many many trials and fought a lot, we remained close. No matter the differences, we forgive, we continue to love and we are always there for each other. She sacrificed so much so that we could have and she continues to.

See, it wasn’t until I came back to the Lord almost 4 years ago that I learned to appreciate the woman God chose to be my mother. He has shown me to see her in her strengths because many times, I drew from her strengths.

I love her beyond words and it is now that I wish I had her nearby to talk with, sit and have a cup of coffee with, hug, eat her meals (miss my mom’s cooking) and the list goes on.

I didn’t see it before, but I’m thankful I see it now through the eyes of Christ. She is one of a kind with a heart like no other. She’s rare. She’s special. She’s mine.

Happy Birthday Mom, I love you!

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