Who Is Jesus?

***** This post is for those who have questions about Who Jesus is***** I have to share something that has been heavy on my spirit for some time. My being honest has caused many to stop speaking to me in the past and as a result, I became very silent and stopped speaking God’s Word … More Who Is Jesus?

Fear in the Unknown

Sometimes the path before us seems so unclear that we’re not sure we want to continue forward. It makes taking the next step difficult. Fear literally consumes us, doubt rises within us, and worry paralyzes us from taking the next step. Assurance of what is ahead is not clear. Yet even still, God is there. … More Fear in the Unknown

Rest For The Weary

At times, life can be overwhelming. Sometimes it seems unbearable when we are facing difficult trials. You know, the kinds of trials that leaves one feeling faint and weary, where some days may even be a challenge to get out of bed. I know because I too have been there. However; though those days and … More Rest For The Weary

Not. Today. Satan.

Not. Today. Satan. These aren’t just lyrics to a song, or a “quote” on a cute t-shirt. This is what the Child of God has the authority to say to Satan. Authority (noun) – the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience. As children of God, we have been given authority over … More Not. Today. Satan.