Unqualified yet Chosen

When I think about David in the book of 1 Samuel, I’m reminded he was not qualified to fight Goliath considering his stature and lack of experience. ⁣

David was a shepherd boy while Goliath was a solider who terrorized the people of Israel. A seasoned warrior in battle yet God chose David to defeat him. Not because David was a match for Goliath as it relates to his size and experience but because David had a heart that so desired to please God and defend the people of Israel. ⁣

We see that David’s victory was rooted in his understanding that though he could not in his own strength, God was able. Goliath came against David with experience, fear tactics and intimidation while David stood before Goliath knowing God was going before him and fighting for him. David was simply the vessel chosen to give the people of Israel victory over the enemy. ⁣

You may not feel qualified, but if God has chosen you, that’s all you need to move in obedience and prepare for what God is calling you to do. ⁣

I promise you I am not qualified by the standards of men and I see that daily but God has chosen me as a vessel to use my gifting and testimony for His glory. So simply remain firm, confidently knowing Who has chosen you and Who qualifies you. It is the LORD.⁣

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